During a press conference in Eindhoven in September, the names of the 74 finalists in the Dutch Design Awards have been made public. The finalists in this 7th edition of internationally recognised professional awards have been selected from more than 700 projects by committees comprised of experts in the design field. Ingrid Siliakus her design “Cover Wallpaper*” has been nominated in the category “Best Illustration”. For more information, see this website:  http://www.dutchdesignawards.nl/en/finalists/communication/&id=421

From the website: “…Dutch Design Awards are the prestigious awards for the best Dutch Design available. The annual event comprises the competition, the international travelling exhibition, and the production of the Dutch Design Yearbook 2009. These activities ensure a platform for the presentation and recognition of the best of Dutch design - across the full width of the design field…”

Dutch Design Yearbook 2009:

The Dutch Design Awards catalogue provides an annual overview in word and image of the best design in the Netherlands. The DDA Catalogue 2009 contains topical information on all finalists and winners. For more information, see the following website: http://www.dutchdesignawards.nl/en/platform/catalogue/