Some words from the website of 'Elements: November 12, 2010: '..CHRISTMAS CAN BE MORE THAN A CARD...ELEMENTS PROUDLY PRESENTS LA GRAND MUSEE D’ART PAPIER...'

'...This Christmas, you can experience a fruitful 3-dimensional white Christmas with master artwork that based on Ingrid Siliakus’s artwork at ELEMENTS!

Metal Zone: Enjoy a traditionally light filled European Christmas

Discover a beautifully crafted Siliakus-inspired European white castle and English ceramic Christmas tree bathed in the first-ever 3-dimensional lighting effects at shopping malls with ultra-large chandelier installation on the top.

Water Zone: Explore Ingrid Siliakus’s spectacular paper world!

Travel to about 20 majestic original Siliakus paper re-imaginings of major world landmarks showcased in painting frames in the Christmas dining room...'                        

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